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URSUS FENCE 160/23/15 is a high quality product and is the ideal solution for fencing projects of national roads, highways and railways providing protection against the entry of animals within the roads. It is manufactured by wire which is protected by special galvanized coating, making the fence more resistant to erosion.

URSUS FENCE is the most reliable choice for this type of fencing and has the following advantages:

  • The grid follows easily the ground morphology due to its elasticity.
  • Easy installation. This means that labor cost is lower compared to other types of fencing.
  • Due to its structure , the fence does not need selvedges.
  • Can be easily repaired (not replaced) because the vertical and horizontal wires of the grid are bound and not bonded.
  • Due to the high tensile strength of the wires, the grid shows increased resistance to collisions and deformations.

Taking into account all the above advantages, the URSUS FENCE has met the requirements of all major infrastructure projects. The proof of the above benefits is that PLASTWOOD SA has used more than 3000 klm of this material in projects all over Greece.


  • There are two types of spacing which are similar to each other
  • In both cases the quality – technical specifications are exactly the same.
  • Spacing TYPE A is according to drawing A.
  • Spacing TYPE B is according to drawing B.



Fence 160/23/15 type URSUS height 160,00 cm with 23 horizontal wire and with rectangular holes .


23 horizontal wires up and bottom diameter 2,50mm and the rest 21 wires diameter 2,03mm made from high carbon grade steel 0.50% and have resistance of 1200-1400 N/mm².

Vertical wires diameter 1.90mm made from low carbon grade steel <0,10% with tension resistance 400-500 N/mm².

The fence is made of triple hot dipped galvanized steel DIN 1548 and the minimum galvanized weight is >240gr/m2 for all the wires.

Packaging : 100 meter rolls.
Weight : 100 kgr/roll