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Our company PLASTWOOD HELLAS SA has been operating since 1984 in the production and trade of wire products and specifically in the ISO certified fields below:

  • Highway fencing materials
  • Railway network fencing materials
  • Fencing materials for energy projects
  • Infrastructure fencing materials
  • Fencing materials for industrial use
  • Hotspots and camp fencing materials
  • Fencing materials for sports facilities
  • Fencing materials for agricultural use
  • Canal flow arrangement materials
  • Slope protection materials

The above include the constructions of fencing and slope protection, projects in which our company deals with experienced workforce.

We are located in privately owned facilities with an area of 15,000m² with covered space of 4,500m² and offices of 250m² with all modern infrastructure.

Our company was established in the Greek market initially with the trade of fencing materials for road construction projects and later with the production, trade and installation of the above materials in all major infrastructure projects.

We produce all kinds of galvanized and PVC wire mesh, plain and galvanized iron posts and concrete posts.

Our products, as well as our work are subject to constant inspections.

Guided by continuous and dynamic approach, we have implemented during 2005-2015 an ambitious investment program in both facilities and technical equipment that helped us to establish a leading role in the fencing construction market.

With specialized workforce we undertake the supply of materials and fencing construction of Highways, railway network, energy projects, Hot Spot, sport facilities (tennis, basketball, football), business premises, rural, but also slope protections and rockfall barriers

The experience, the modern facilities as well as the quality products of our company, allow us to meet the demands of our customers.