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Field Fence Type Medium

It is an excellent quality wire mesh and is the ideal solution for fencing highways, highways and railways.

Field Fence Type Light – Agrifence

It is an innovative type of wire mesh that is installed easily, quickly and with low labor costs.

Wire Fencing Panel

An innovative, complete fencing system that harmonizes with any kind of architectural style.

Fencing Panels from Galvanized Railings

Prefabricated industrial railing with columns of structural steel blades.

Chainlink Fence

Knitted wire mesh of diamond hole made of galvanized wire or with PVC coating.

Welded Mesh

The woven mesh is produced from electrically welded transverse and longitudinal galvanized wires.

Concrete Fencing Posts

Concrete Fencing Posts of special specifications, suitable for use in public works.

Tube Posts

Tubes Posts of circular cross-section, available in a wide range of heights and thicknesses.

Iron Corner Posts

Iron Corner Posts are available in a wide range of heights and thicknesses.

Hollow Sections

Hollow Sections of rectangular or square cross-section in a wide range of dimensions of length and thickness.

Fencing Accessories

In addition to the basic fencing materials (piles, barbed wire, etc.) other materials are necessary which offer not only reinforcement and stability, but also security in a fencing.

Barbed Wire

For fences with higher security standards. It is made of two twisted wires and four spike pins on the trunk.

Galvanized Wire

General purpose galvanized wire.

Hexagonal Mesh

Hexagonal mesh, is a mesh wire with a hexagonal hole.

Razored Barbed Wire

This type of fencing is mainly used in military installations, airports, refineries, prisons, factories and where there are high security standards.